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“Thanks so much for the backyard you have given us! I look forward to working with you with our ongoing maintenance”
Tom and Lisa

“I want to thank you for the amazing landscaping job that you did for Mindy and I. The number of plants that you installed were so much more than we expected. Now we can’t wait for springtime to arrive and watch the colors bloom! We are very pleased with the yard, and you both have been very easy to work with. You and your crew worked very efficiently and quickly”
Mindy and Warren

"My family and I have lived in our home for about twelve years and while our front yard is attractive, our back yard was a constant work in progress. It had very serious drainage issues, there was no focal point and behind the tall gumball trees was an unattractive pile of composting leaves. The yard was spacious and had potential. As an interior designer, I could image what the yard could look like, I just could not get there myself. I love to garden and am not a novice at pruning, weeding or planting. However, when it comes to designing an overall plan and executing the major renovations we needed, I knew I needed help.
After interviewing several landscapers, I met Ross Amyx. We hit it off immediately. I knew that i had found someone who not only shares my dream, but really understood my yard and had the imagination to turn my backyard into a showplace.
My husband and I hired Ross right away. He started with the drainage issue. We now have lush luxurious grass for the first time since we have lived in our house. It is the envy of the neighborhood.
Ross then come up with a wonderful plan for the back yard that incorporated a winding path through the trees that is lined with many types of ferns, an assortment of hostas, heliobore and shade-loving, flowering plants. At the end of the path is a charming rustic bench. It is a bucolic place to sit and contemplate. The whole yard has a park like feel, and I just love it.
Ross really listened to my ideas; he worked within my budget and gave me a yard that was above and beyond my expectations. He has since done some smaller projects for me including a stone patio and reworking a neglected flower bed. I recommend Ross to many of my friends and clients."

Barbara T. and Kenneth W., Mechanicsville, Virginia

TESTIMONIALS: What our clients say

"We have a wonderful patio in our backyard but it has a terrible drainage problem. A client referred us to Ross Amyx. We called Ross to come and assess our situation. He listened intently to our concerns and confidently assured us he could fix the problem. Ross had to dig a drain through an already established garden. He and his employees did an outstanding job patiently moving plants and carefully planting them back in their original location. The drain works great, problem solved...happy clients, Thanks Ross!"
Steve and Julie Oates, Richmond, Virginia