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Perfect Edging

We consider edging as one of the most important aspects involved in maintaining any garden. We like to refer to this as our "line of defense". Let us transform your beds with beautiful, hand-sculpted curves, flawless transitions and elegant shapes.


We are who the experts turn to for their pruning. We have innate artistic talent of visualizing the finished product before the first clip begins. We pay the utmost attention to the important issues including shape, size and structure. Call on us the shrubbery leveling and beveling.


We only use the highest quality double shredded hardwood mulch available. Mulching provides many advantages, including water retention, weed control, nutritional value, and aesthetics. We spread mulch with great care and precision to ensure a smooth and uniform coverage.

Maintenance Services

Plant Installations

Dover Landscaping begins by carefully assessing your property and tailoring a design specific to the style, feel and requirements of your yard. Then we begin the selection process by carefully hand picking each individual plant, shrub or tree while considering texture, color, shape and durability. We meticulously and artistically place each plant into over-sized holes and amended soil. Let Dover Landscaping transform your yard into a masterpiece.


Let Dover Landscaping create nightscapes that enhance the natural beauty of your garden and highlight the beauty of your home. We can add elegance and definition to your home and ensure that your house will always stand out after sunset. Our landscape lighting can draw attention to your favorite tree, guide guests through your garden and create an ambiance around your deck for your next party. Whether it’s for entertaining or relaxation, extend the enjoyment of your landscape well into the evening. Whatever impression you want to make, Dover Landscaping will bring your home to life, and we will exceed your expectations.


Over the years we have created numerous formal boxwood and flowering formal gardens. As the gardens matured, they required a significant amount of efforts to keep them in pristine shape. We finally decided it would be money well spent to hire a professional landscape designer to bring the gardens back in order.

Ross Amyx brought his crew to edge, mulch and prune the gardens. For two days, they worked efficiently - some to clear winter debris, one to edge all beds, three to haul mulch and one to spread the mulch without damaging any plants. All boxwoods were shaped smartly and clippings were hauled away. Their work ethic was admirable and as they packed up at the ends of the job, our entire two acres of gardens looked the best they have ever looked!

Now I can focus on minor gardening maintenance instead of annual herculean tacks of major proportions.

Satisfied client, Richmond, Virginia

Welcome to Dover Landscaping, a premier design/build landscape company serving the Greater Richmond area for over 20 years. We are committed to creating a landscape that enhances your home and compliments your lifestyle using high quality and hand-selected materials. With our experience and ongoing passion for beautifying your home, the result is an outdoor living space that you can't wait to come home to. Call us today for a free consultation and begin to experience landscaping at its finest.